AΤΜΑΤ Galaxy 500x500x600mm

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ATMAT Galaxy – επαγγελματικός βαρέως τύπου 3D εκτυπωτής  με μεγάλο όγκο εκτύπωσης 500x500x600mm, κλειστό θάλαμο και εξελιγμένα ηλεκτρονικά ελέγχου. Συμβατός με οποιοδήποτε 1.75mm υλικό.

A solution for an industry where achieving high print quality and at the same time producing large components is important. The printer ensures fast work, using different nozzle diameters (up to 0.8 mm) and allows a wide range of materials. The printhead with double extruder allows the use of soluble support materials and, allows the production of complex geometries with high accuracy thanks to bed autolevelling. A seven-inch touch screen guarantees easy and intuitive usage. The device is adapted for especially for industrial applications.



Quality and large space

The ATMAT Galaxy printer will be appreciated especially by the companies from the industrial sector (engineering, robotics, automotive or architecture) which want to increase the efficiency of their operations through the use of additive technologies. The use of small nozzle like 0.25 mm ensures high accuracy of the printed part. Thanks to this, the machine will be suitable for low-volume serial production, where repeatability as well as dimensions and shape preservation are highly prioritized. Available working area allows large models to be printed in one piece without the necessity to divide them into parts.

Wireless communication

The process of transferring files to the printer, starting printing and controlling parameters can be done wirelessly or using external memory. The use of the built-in WiFi module allows the user to manage printing process from the computer. It is also possible to have a look at the printout thanks to instal camera with a wide-angle lens, installed in the printer chamber. It is a convenient and useful solution, especially in large plants, where it is required to coordinate the work of many printers at the same time.


The printhead with a double extruder

The printhead with a double extruder works with a wide range of filaments available on the market both basic ones like PLA, ABS, PET-G, TPU or more demanding such as PC, PA, ESD or soluble PVA. The user can use a variety of materials which melting point is up to 290 degrees. The design solutions used in the ATMAT Galaxy printer have been chosen to give full freedom in the choice of not only the material but also the printing parameters. In order to prepare models for printing, the user may select  both free and commercial slicers.

Protection of users and the environment

Working in the industry requires special solutions ensuring people’s safety and uninterrupted operation of devices. That’s why the ATMAT GALAXY printer has been equipped with a closed chamber with a multidimensional working area. The chamber has a system of forced ventilation responsible for eliminating all harmful fumes and chemical compounds that may arise during the printing process. Thanks to this feature, working with the device is safe, both for operators and the natural environment.



Active temperature control

The ATMAT GALAXY 3D printer has been equipped with airtight aluminum construction and a heating control system. This allows to maintain a constant, optimal temperature inside the working chamber. The warm airflow control system used in the housing guarantees the proper working environment for demanding materials, which leads to preventing delamination of the layers and easier tear-off of the printout from the bed surface.



Stable and continuous work

The design of the printer is based on components from professional manufacturers, which allow to achieve high efficiency and reliability. Proven, stable parts combined with proprietary solutions ensure continuity of work and failure-free operation.




Technical specification
Printing technology FFF (FDM)
Specification of printer Working area 400x400x500 mm

500x500x600 mm

Housing Stable, aluminum, closed construction. Separate cases for materials and consumables.
Printing environment Closed working area with temperature control.
Max. chamber temperature 45oC
Working platform Automatic table calibration, heated working platform.
Working table Granite slab
Maximum table temperature 140°C
Head Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm (basic),

Applicability: 0.25 mm; 0.30 mm;

0.35 mm; 0.60 mm; 0.80 mm

Number of extruders 2
Extruder type Direct
Maximum head temperature 290°C
Parameters of printing process Layer height 0.1 – 0.6 mm
Nominal printing speed 150 mm/s
HQ printing speed 80 mm /s
Maximum passage speed 200 mm/s
Positioning accuracy of the X/Y axes 7 µm
Positioning accuracy of the Z axis 1.25 µm
Software Cura
File extensions supported by software .stl, .obj
Filament Materials PLA, PET-G, ABS, TPU, PC, PA, ESD

Supporting filaments: HIPS, PVA

Material diameter 1.75 mm
Filament form Spool
Supported spool weights 2 x 0.85kg/1.0kg/2.5kg/4.0kg*

*applicable with Galaxy 600
3D printer operation Communication WiFi, LAN (router connection), USB stick
File extensions supported by software  .gcode
Control Touch screen
Working environment temperature 15 – 25°C
General data Power 230V/50Hz
Max. power consumption 1400 W
Average power consumption in operation for PLA 400 W
External dimensions 1100 x 750 x 950 mm – Galaxy 500*

1200 x 850 x 1100 mm – Galaxy 600*

(width x depth x height)

*maximum external dimensions including printer wheels
Weight 80/90 kg



AΤΜΑΤ Galaxy 500x500x600mm

AΤΜΑΤ Galaxy 500x500x600mm