SIAB Automatic Turntable

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Επεκτείνετε τις δυνατότητες του Scaninabox 3D Scanner σας με το αυτόματα περιστρεφόμενο τραπέζi, αυτοματοποιήστε τις σαρώσεις σας και την ευθυγράμμιση των λήψεων και μειώστε στο ελάχιστο το χρόνο απόκτησης των 3D μοντέλων σας!

Extend the potential of Scan in a Box and push the performance beyond limits. See how far you can go!
The 3D Scanning has never been so easy. Try, to not regret. Connect the Automatic Turntable to unlock the new Scan Mode inside IDEA the Software. Benefit from a total efficiency thanks to the automatic Axis Alignment.

Make it 3D. Make it Now.

Designed and Engineered in Italy
Affordable Investment to Reach the Top Professional Quality
Created specifically to benefits of IDEA The Software 1.1 toolkit
Consent to boost the Experience of use of Scan in a Box
Grant more Efficiency during the Workflow
Enhance the Productivity by saving time
More Control and Automatism with less users’ effort

Take full advantage of Scan in a Box by combining the Automatic TurnTable with the already well-proven IDEA the Software (since version 1.1). You can keep working by strategically move the scan object or you can place it on the round plate and make multiple acquisitions with just a click.

Maintain the default settings to get no. 8 sequential scans in a 360° rotation of the ATT in less than 55 secs or setup your custom parameters by setting up the number of acquisitions and the rotation angle range as you like. In few minutes you will get the scans’ group auto aligned and ready to start over again: the Axis Alignment will be performed automatically. Every scanning result is always completely compatible with another. Switch from 3D Scan free mode to Multiple Scan Mode with ATT and viceversa as needed!



ATT Dimensions

Box Dimensions

ATT Weight

Box Weight

Object Weight


Operating Voltage

Max Operating Current

Supply Voltage

ATT Batch 3D Scan Module

ATT Alignment

ATT Scanning Time

Ø 200 x 65 mm

260 x 380 x 85 mm

1,8 kg

2,6 kg

Up to 10 kg


24 Vdc

1000 mA

Universal, 90~277 Vac

Automatically unlock at the first connection

Automatic Axis Alignment / Manual Alignment

≤ 4 secs per scan / ≤ 55 secs per 8 scans/360° view



PC and Operating System


IDEA the Software 1.1 or higher

As for Scan in a Box requirements

X1 USB 2.0

SIAB Automatic Turntable

SIAB Automatic Turntable