Formlabs Draft Resin

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Η Draft resin είναι η πιο γρήγορη ρητίνη στην οικογένεια της Formlabs. Τα μοντέλα με αυτή εκτυπώνονται 3-4 φορές πιο γρήγορα, κάτι που την κάνει ιδανική για γρήγορα προσχέδια μεγάλων μοντέλων σε λίγες ώρες!

Draft Resin is the fastest-printing Formlabs resin. Parts printed with Draft Resin print three to four times faster than parts printed with other

The print speed of Draft Resin makes it ideal for same-day design iterations and printing bulky, full-build-volume parts in less than eight hours.

Print Speed Comparison

Clear Resin

Print time: 8 h 15 min

Draft Resin

Print time: 2 h 5 min

Castable Wax Resin

Print time: 15 h 15 min


Recommended for:

  • Bulky parts
  • Assemblies
  • Same-day design iterations
  • Quick concept prototyping

Not suitable for:

  • Parts with very fine details and small curves
  • Parts that require a very smooth surface finish
  • End-use parts that require specific mechanical properties

Comparison with Other Formlabs Materials

Draft Resin
(post-cured for
5 min at room temp)
(post-cured for
5 min at 60 °C)
Clear Resin
UTS (MPa) 23 28 36 38 65
Elongation (%) 17 10 7 12 6
Tensile Modulus (GPa) 0.9 1.3 1.6 1.6 2.8
Flex Modulus (GPa) 0.6 0.9 1.5 1.3 2.2
Notched IZOD (J/m) 35 35 21 16 25
HDT @ 1.8MPa (°C) 43.3 4.3 50.1 42.7 58.4
HDT @ 0.45MPa (°C) 50.6 50.7 63.4 49.7 73.1

Design iterations printed in draft

Printing with Draft Resin

Draft Resin prints at 300 microns. Due to this layer thickness, the Z axis is less accurate than Standard Resins, which print in smaller layers. Draft Resin’s accuracy in the X and Y axes is comparable with other Standard Resins. Draft is not recommended for parts with lots of curves or parts that require fine surface detail.

Print Feature Recommendations

Print successfully with Draft Resin by following Formlabs design guidelines. Draft prints with thicker layers and requires slightly different design considerations than other Standard Resins.

Minimum Supported Wall Thickness
Recommended: 400 microns

Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness
Recommended: 600 microns

Recommended: 100 microns

Shallow Angles
Recommended: 19° from level

Horizontal Support Span/Bridge
Recommended: 210 microns

Vertical-Wire Diameter
Recommended: 300 microns to 1500 microns

Embossed Detail
Minimum: 100 microns
Recommended: 200 microns

Minimum Engraved Detail
Recommended: 400 microns

Minimum Clearance
Recommended: 500 microns

Minimum Hole Diameter
Recommended: 500 microns

Drain Hole Diameter
Recommended: 350 microns

Draft parts on build platform



Wash Draft parts in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for 10 minutes. Do not leave Draft parts in IPA for longer than 10 minutes, as the material may begin to absorb IPA.

Use a syringe or compressed air to thoroughly clear any remaining liquid resin from internal channels and negative features. If post-curing, allow parts to fully dry.

Draft parts may feel stickier after washing than parts printed with other resins. If the resin concentration of the IPA is 5% or higher, replace the IPA. If the part is still tacky after 30 minutes, post-cure at 60 °C for 10 minutes.

Sand and paint using the same finishing processes used for Standard Resins.

Post-Curing Requirements

Post-curing is not required for Draft Resin. Post-curing will increase tensile strength and decrease elongation.


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Formlabs Draft Resin

Formlabs Draft Resin