3DGence Industry F420

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3DGence Industry F420 – επαγγελματικός βιομηχανικός εκτυπωτής με πολύ μεγάλο θερμαινόμενο θάλαμο εκτύπωσης, τεράστιο εύρος τεχνικών υλικών εως και PEEK/ULTEM, φτιαγμένος για να παρέχει εξαιρετική ακρίβεια και να μπορεί να αναπτύξει μεγάλες ταχύτητες!

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 is a brand-new powerful ULTEM, PEEK and PEKK 3D printing workhorse. This industrial 3D printer is the fastest solution for engineering-grade materials with high printing speed. Big chamber volume – 380 x 380 x 420 mm allows printing large prototypes, production and end-use parts.

Interchangable printing modules

Print high-performance and engineering materials that can be used by various industries.

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 features a modular approach to print capabilities. You don’t need to use multiple 3D printers anymore. Using job-specific printing modules combined with the predefined and engineered printing profiles you will always get the best quality of the prints. This unique solution makes INDUSTRY F420 and ideal PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM ™  3D printer.

Module M280

3DGence F420 module M280

Basic printing module dedicated for 3DGence INDUSTRY F420, that allows to print the commodity materials. M280 module is also capable of printing soluble support structures from ESM-10.

  • Double printhead
  • Predefined profiles for various materials
  • Soluble support materials

Module M360

3DGence F420 module M360

M360 is a high temperature INDUSTRY F420 module that enables user to print the models of ULTEM™ – high performance polymer of very good mechanical properties and capable of withstanding high temperatures. M360 can print also engineering grade materials, such as PC.

  • High quality ULTEM™ prints
  • High strength PC models
  • Double printhead

Module M500

3DGence F420 module M500

M500 is one of INDUSTRY F420 interchangable modules that can reach up to 500C of extrusion temperature. Such high temperature combined with the printer’s heated chamber allows to print high performance polymers like PEEK or PEKK. M500 module can print PEEK and PEKK on the soluble ESM-10 support.

  • PEEK and PEKK – High Performance polymers
  • ESM-10 – Soluble support material
  • Double printhead

3DGence Industry F420 3DHUB.gr

High speed

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 pushes the boundaries of the printing speed of industrial 3D printers.

The printing speed is the key aspect of the process. Print speed up to 400 mm/s and 1 meter per second of travel move makes INDUSTRY F420 a great tool. It’s a great machine for rapid prototyping but also a full-fledged additive manufacturing system for your business.

Heated printing chamber up to 180°C

The heated chamber reaches a high temperature and maintains it on a stable level.

Print engineering and high-performance materials with the perfect print quality, exceptional mechanical strength and great dimensional accuracy. High-performance filaments require stable printing process and high extrusion and chamber temperature.

3DGence Industry F420 3DHUB.gr

Large build volume

Large chamber volume gives you the opportunity to print large or many models in one run.

With the dimensions of 380 x 380 x 420 mm you can 3D print even larger models without splitting them or joining the parts later on. 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 has the best volume to price ratio in its class.

Heated material chamber with automatic spool change system

Keep your materials always dry and ready to print.

Materials are kept in a stable environment due to the heated materials chamber. There are 4 material bays in the filament chamber: two dedicated for model materials and two for the support. When the material is running out, it will be automatically replaced in the extruder with the material from the second bay.


Low maintenance solution. Always ready to print.

Modules and printer are calibrated automatically, this ensures print quality and dimensional accuracy. The printer does not require manual calibration at all.

3DGence Industry F420

3DGence Industry F420