As soon as one intends to get acquainted with the technology of 3D printing and trust the capabilities of a 3D printer, it would be good to know what to address if something goes wrong … We at 3DHUB have provided and we are in a position to support our equipment with full support and service without having to ship printers overseas and inconvenience our customers with lengthy processes and waiting times.

Our most important advantage is that we use the machines we provide daily in our professional 3D Print / Scan laboratories to provide our services, we have chosen them for their quality and reliability and our friction with them is as much as we can handle whatever appears and guide you in their use.

Our dedicated staff are able to handle all technical problems and we always stock up on the parts of the printers we represent. A simple phone call or email update is enough to report your problem or question and we will do everything to resolve it immediately.

But beyond the support line, we’ll be there for you if you or your kids want to learn how to design, assemble your own printer, handle all the necessary scanning and printing applications, and 3D printing for better results while minimizing the problems.


Specialized courses based on age, requirements and needs are conducted in our laboratories. Remember that 3D printing technology will invade the lives of all of us in the years to come. The better we know it, the more we can benefit from it. Students, students, lovers of technology, art and design programs (eg 3D max, rhino 3D, CAD) are just some of the categories that could be trained in 3D printing, 3D scanning and other relevant areas such as photogrammetry.

3D Print Seminars from the best in Greece to become a master of 3D printing and scanning!