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Η οικογένεια σαρωτών RangeVision PRO προορίζεται για high end επαγγελματική χρήση σε απαιτητικά περιβάλλοντα. Είναι τεχνολογίας μπλε δομημένου φωτός και μπορεί να προσαρμοστεί σε 3 διαφορετικές αποστάσεις χρήσης για μικρά, μεσάια ή μεγάλα αντικείμενα.

Προσφέρει ευελιξία και εξαιρετική ακρίβεια διαθέτοντας ακρίβεια ως 0.018 mm και ανάλυση ως 0.04 mm!


Get 3D data with high accuracy for your inspection applications and reverse engineering projects.

RangeVision Pro

The family of professional RangeVision 3D scanners guarantees a unique price to performance ratio. Most of the 3D scanners available on the current market are targeted at scanning objects of specific size and dimensions. Professional RangeVision 3D scanners have revolutionized the 3D scanning scenario – they are capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the scanner’s field of view (FOV).

RangeVision Pro

Due to the use of the structured light technology, professional RangeVision 3D scanners provide highly detailed scans of any type of object, from jewelry to large automobiles, with accuracy up to 0.018 mm and resolution up to 0.04 mm.

Key advantages

  • Wide range of applications

    Flexibility of RangeVision 3D scanner enables you to receive scans with high resolution of small and large objects and apply it in a wide range of contexts.

  • Great price/quality ratio:

    RangeVision 3D scanner ensures excellent performance at the price much lower than of systems with comparable characteristics.

  • Blue light technology

    The blue light technology allows to reduce influence of external illumination while scanning and allows to achieve maximum accuracy.

RangeVision Pro

Set of delivery

The standard package includes:

  • The scanning module
  • Two cameras (3 or 6 mpx. each)
  • Selected set of scanning zones (a set of lenses + calibration panels)
  • A hard plastic box with a lodgment
  • A tripod
  • Digital license key
  • Set of self-adhesive markers
  • Mini-PC (Intel® Core™ i7 -8550U|L, 16GB ram for PRO base model and 32GB for PRO model | Win 10 PRO 64)
Set of delivery

Technical specification

The family of professional RangeVision 3D scanners is presented with two models. The superior calibration used in each model makes sure that the scans are producing excellent results. The models differ in the type of cameras.

PRO base (3 Mpx)

Scanning area (H×W×D)(mm) 520×390×360 280×210×200 115×85×80
3D point accuracy 0,06 0,03 0,018
3D resolution 0,25 0,13 0,05
Working distance (mm) 900 520 260

PRO (6 Mpx)

Scanning area (H×W×D)(mm) 550×340×360 232×210×200 140×90×80
3D point accuracy 0,06 0,03 0,018
3D resolution 0,18 0,10 0,04
Working distance (mm) 900 520 350
Model PRO base PRO
Cameras (sensors) 3 Mpx 6 Mpx
3D resolution 0.25 – 0.05 mm 0.18 – 0.04 mm
Scan speed ~ 8 sec ~ 9 sec
Projector Full HD Full HD

PRO Base and PRO models are shipped with mini-pc included with following specification



The RangeVision software, specially designed for fast processing of scan results, comes with a 3D scanner. At the end of the scan, the RangeVision software will help you optimize the resulting 3D model with automated functions: stitching fragments, filling voids, aligning the 3D model. As a result, you get a high-precision 3D copy of the object.

STL output data format is suitable for working with 3D models in all popular CAD / CAM programs: Solidworks, Autocad and others, as well as virtual modeling environments: 3Ds Max, Maya, Rhinoceros. Free software updates are always included in the cost of the 3D scanner. Learn more about ScanCenter.

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RangeVision PRO 3D Scanner

RangeVision PRO 3D Scanner