BlueCast CR3A Castable Resin LCD/DLP

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Η Bluecast Cr3a είναι η νέα προσιτή χυτεύσιμη ρητίνη από την Bluecast, υπόσχεται πολύ εύκολη εκτύπωση ακόμα και σε entry level LCD εκτυπωτές. Χρειάζεται UV cure χρησιμοποιόντας το Cr3a Curing Liquid ή εναλλακτικά γλυκερίνη. Εμφανίζει μικρή συρρίκνωση και πολύ καλή προσκόλληση στο τραπέζι χωρίς να απαιτεί primer.

Cr3a is one of the easiest castable resins to print and ensure excellent casting. Differently from other monomer based resin that requires complex and tricky treatments our BC Cr3a just requires to be washed after print and cured in to BC CURING LIQUID we supply. No hot water wash required, no boiling, no overnight curing.


– Consistent casting quality as BlueCast standard

– Ash residual 0.00%  _ proprietary TGA at 750°C / 4 hrs without contact to air, in closed vessel

– Low cost – Negligible shrinkage

– No primer needed

– Monomer based resin (tested as not toxic / not carcinogenic)

– High resolution

– Good strength

– Fast printing speed

– Very low odor

– Very low viscosity, no need to heat

– Chromacure® will tell you when postcure is done and pattern is ready to cast 





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BlueCast CR3A Castable Resin LCD/DLP

BlueCast CR3A Castable Resin LCD/DLP