SOLUS PRO 3d Printer

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Solus PRO – Το επόμενο βήμα μετά τον αρχικό διάσημο Solus 3D Printer!

O Solus PRO είναι ένα πραγματικό εργαλείο για κάθε αργυροχρυσοχόο ή μοντελιστή. Επιτυγχάνει εκτυπώσεις υψηλής ακρίβειας με εξαιρετικά λείο φινίρισμα και μεγάλη ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης (1-3 ώρες για ένα πλήρες τραπέζι δαχτυλίδια) ενώ διαθέτει ενσωματωμένο industrial projector παρέχοντας απαράμιλλη αξιοπιστία και επαναληψιμότητα, χωρίς την ανάγκη για καλιμπραρίσματα και σύνθετες διαδικασίες.

Συνοδεύεται από το κορυφαίο λογισμικό Solus Contour PRO όπου επιταχύνει το στήσιμο και την στήριξη των μοντέλων σας!

Η καλύτερη επιλογή για εκτυπώσεις κοσμημάτων υψηλής ανάλυσης. Ανοιχτός σε ρητίνες τρίτων κατασκευαστών για τέλεια χύτευση ή πάτημα σε λάστιχο.

Introducing the SOLUS PRO 3d Printer

Solus Pro Jewelry 3D Printer

Solus PRO is the next step in the evolution of the Solus 3d printer.

Solus PRO brings all the great qualities that the original Solus is knows for, such as the high resolution 3d printing, incredible print surface quality, low cost maintenance and consumables, and pushes it to the next level with: ease of use, no setup or calibration, built in projector and computer (with a large LCD screen), high performance, reliability and so much more. It really is on the next level, and at the same time competitively priced.

Solus PRO includes the new Solus Contour PRO software that makes it incredibly easy to support, slice and transfer a print job over to the printer for printing via wifi, network or a usb storage device.

Solus PRO has a built-in industrial quality UV LED DLP projector, designed specifically for 3d printing applications.

The built in touch-screen is large and make it easy to control the Solus PRO, with it’s intuitive and simple user interface.

The built quality on the new Solus PRO is top of the line. Machined aluminum parts, highest quality electronics, the best components and attention to detail, ensure high reliability and allow for incredible print quality.

Technical Specifications:

42 micron XY resolution
Down to 10 micron Z layer thickness
80mm x 45mm x 110mm build area
405nm UV Led projector built in
Wifi, Ethernet, USB transfer
Large easy to read Touch Screen
Open to 3rd party resins



Ultra-high resolution and surface smoothness is what you can expect from the Solus Pro. Coupled with incredible performance and speed, this machine is designed to keep up with your creativity and to help bring your ideas to life.



No setup and calibration is needed. The printer is pretty much ready to go out of the box. The intuitive user interface and experience is designed to make it easy as possible to send a print job to the printer via Wifi or a USB drive.



Industrial grade components, such as machined aluminum parts, highest quality custom bushings, extensively tested electronics and a top of the line UV LED DLP projection system, all engineered to provide high level of reliability and repeatability.

Solus is being used by customers in over 50 countries and in various industries.


Solus is being used by hundreds of fine jewelers, ranging from small custom jewelry shops, that only do a few intricate pieces a week, to top manufacturers who do hundreds of prints per month. Solus is not restricted to any one resin, and most 3rd party castable resins can work with the Solus.


Some of the best miniature gaming companies are using the Solus for prototyping and production. When working with such a small scale and intricate details, the highest resolution printing and smooth surface quality that Solus can provide is exactly what they need. The speed and precision of the Solus is perfect for protyping these models quickly and at the highest quality.


Top universities, research labs, and agencies around the world, such as MIT, BYU, PITT, Cornell, and NASA, are using the Solus for medical research, microfluidics, prototyping and more. Solus is capable of printing features that are only 50 microns or less, and works with various types of resins.

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SOLUS PRO 3d Printer

SOLUS PRO 3d Printer